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Oil pastels, 42 x 29,7 cm

In the painting, we see a picturesque moonrise over the calm ocean, viewed from a charming beach in Gran Canaria. The sky displays a palette of garnet and pink shades, emphasizing the mystical atmosphere of the moment. The moon ascends above the horizon, casting a delicate light on the undulating surface of the sea.

In the lower right corner of the beach, two figures emerge, resembling shadows more than fully formed characters. Their silhouettes are gently illuminated by the moonlight, casting long shadows on the sand. These mysterious figures reference the ancient culture of the inhabitants of Gran Canaria, the Guanches.

Ancient people living in caves were deeply connected to nature, and their lives were closely tied to natural cycles and phenomena. When they raised their gaze to the sky, moonrises were extraordinary spectacles for them, full of magic and mystery.

All of this was also practical for them. The Guanches certainly used the movement of the moon and other celestial bodies to establish calendars, determine seasons, and plan activities related to daily life, such as hunting and gathering.

Ultimately, the moonrise for ancient cave dwellers was not only an astronomical phenomenon but also a significant element of their culture, inspiring their mythologies and legends and evoking emotions that enriched their perspective on the world.


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