Only nature

We learned to make cosmetics because we couldn’t find the right ones for us – despite the huge selection on the market, most cosmetics contain toxic substances, artificial flavours and preservatives.


We started investigating how skin was cared for in the past in different cultures and we started discovering the amazing gifts of nature, thanks to which we created our recipes. As some of us are biotechnologists by profession, this came easily.

Personal approach

Production of special ointments and herbal mixtures depending on the person’s problem. Examples are ointments for bruises, insect bites, and rheumatism, creams for allergic skin, and soaps for children.


We gather herbs through invigorating mountain hikes, hand-selecting the finest specimens for our cream production. Subsequently, we meticulously craft macerates and hydrolates from these botanical treasures. Our commitment extends to selecting only the highest-quality fats in precise proportions. Harnessing the power of natural vitamins and active substances, we ensure a premium formulation for our products.
Face and body cream
With echium extract

Echium is a plant with extraordinary soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. The cream contains hydrolate and macerate of this little-known plant.

 Face and body cream
With damask rose hydrolate and CBD oil

Damask rose hydrolate has a soothing effect and improves skin firmness and elasticity. CBD oil is valued for its regenerative and antibacterial properties.

Face cream
Rejuvenating power of the forest with Amanita Muscaria extract

Prepared according to the Slavic recipe of our great-grandmothers. Rejuvenates the skin and removes any blemishes.

Body lotion
Magic of the Forest – with resin of spruce

Body ointment for swelling, slowly healing wounds and irritations. With the addition of lavender oil, it has a calming effect on the body and improves lymph circulation. The cream was made only from natural ingredients in the forest in the Karkonosze Mountains.

Body lotion
Sesame and vanilla with karite

This lotion contains a simple composition – shea butter, sesame oil, olive oil, babassu butter, vanilla. It smells amazing thanks to the combination of sesame and vanilla. It perfectly moisturizes the skin after sunbathing and in winter. Heals dry hair and nails.


Each time we come up with a different soap formula and use different herbs. The soaps naturally lather perfectly, moisturize the skin and look great. They contain the best quality fats. There are no additional and completely unnecessary fillers and poisons that store soaps usually contain. The soaps mature for 6 weeks.
Coffee soap

With coffee scrub and goat milk.

Mountain soap

With extracts from herbs collected high in the mountains.

Sea soap

With sea minerals and clay.

Chamomile and ginger soap

Combination of contrasts – a wonderful scent and a deep cleansing effect.

“Sunset over Pleasure Lake” soap

Secret recipe that improves your mood.

Christmas soap

With plum and spices with warming properties, an aphrodisiac.


The main ingredient of this type of soap is glycerin and various caring oils and plant extracts. Creating such soaps is very easy and quick – we invite you to a workshop during which we will create unique soaps according to our vision. This type of soap gives wonderful color effects and the possibility of using various forms.
CBD oil soap

With a marijuana motif.

Rose soap

In the shape of a muffin.

Cherry soap

In the shape of a brain.

Products for you

If you are looking for a unique recipe for yourself, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

We can make it together

If you are willing to learn how to create your own cosmetics we can meet on online workshops.