High temperature

Ceramics, although known for thousands of years, still captivate with their beauty and uniqueness. The method of production has not changed much for ages.


After drying, We fire the moulds made of clay into the so-called “bisque” at a temperature of 900 degrees C, in a special oven. Then, after painting, We bake it again at a temperature of 960 to almost 1500 degrees Celsius.

Working on form and colours

The creation process begins with giving the clay the appropriate form – the one we dream of (and which we can create with our own hands 😉). After the first firing, the work is glazed or painted, and only after the second firing do we see the colours – they are unique and often unpredictable due to different colour combination techniques, the thickness of applied layers and firing temperature. Therefore, the final effect after opening the furnace is a real surprise.

Made dreams

The dreams come true after they are revealed – some of the works are our hidden desires, which, after being created in the matter, later became reality in accordance with the principle of dream visualization.

Applied art

Our works consist mostly of applied art. We like to create items that can be used every day and are beautiful at the same time.

Pomegranate fruit
Can of peas
Poppy head
Egyptian cat
Women joined at the head

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