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Joanna Dziadziewicz

I was born and grew up in a small village ‘Bieliny nad Sanem’ in south-eastern Poland. I have loved nature and art since I was a child. My first art classes were with my Mother and I remember these moments as the best from my childhood.

Since high school, I have participated in numerous art courses and workshops, learning many techniques and artists. In Wrocław, I learned drawing and painting under the supervision of Master Grzegorz Bednarz in the art studio “Reja 17”. These were the years 2012-2017. Later, I lived in Spain, Italy and the Czech Republic, learning about their cultures and continuing to develop my creative passions. I also discovered there forgotten places, where there is wild nature. It inspired me a lot and helped me to understand myself.

I am sentimentally attached to the Polish-Czech borderland and I feel great there. It is a charming land with mountains, lakes and forests. This place inspires me to live and to create new works.

I have my secret place there named „Gran Kamienna“, where many artworks were created and where I always think back when I need a new idea.

I am also a biotechnologist by education – thanks to my studies, I understood the microworld that surrounds us and the power of chemical compounds contained in plants. I use this knowledge not only in my artistic works but also in the design of cosmetics and ointments. It was also partly thanks to my studies that I came to Gran Canaria. After many years of traveling, I realized that this was the best place for me.

I live in Gran Canaria and it is here that I am preparing an art studio for you where you will soon be able to see the art of creation and, if you want, create something with your own hands. My favourite techniques are ceramics, glass fusing, wood burning, and drawing.

I make creams and soaps, lamps, paintings and other artistic works to order – depending on the clients’ needs.

I also organize art workshops for companies, schools and private groups.

I invite you to familiarize yourself with my work and offer. I also publish blog posts for you, where you can preview my work and learn about the history of my creation.



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