Artistic workshops - what do they give us?

The increase in interest in the proposed activities is related to the increase in awareness of the enormous benefits they provide.
Art workshops are not only activities for children, they also bring many benefits to adults and disabled people, becoming a form of therapy (art therapy).

Participation in art workshops has a positive effect on many aspects of the personality, develops creativity and individuality, influences perception and the development of manual skills (improves fine motor skills), enriches the personality, allows you to express your thoughts and feelings, having a huge impact on the emotions you feel, making it easier to control your emotions. stress or anger.


During the workshops, you will learn and try your hand at the unique Turkish art of painting on Ebru water.

Under my supervision, you will learn how to use all the tools and different types of paints, thanks to which you will create unique colorful patterns on the water surface, which you will finally translate onto paper. In addition, the workshops themselves are also a great way to relax and break away from everyday duties.

The workshops are aimed at people who are encountering the ebru technique for the first time. They are suitable both for people who are interested in artistic work and for amateurs without manual skills.

You will leave the workshop with basic knowledge of the water painting technique – ebru. We will start the meeting with information about the technique of painting on water. Then we will make three basic patterns together: battal, ebru using a comb and flower. We learn all elements of the technique, i.e. applying paint, laying paper, removing work from water and creating patterns, by doing it together. After completing three patterns, each participant spends the remaining time working on their own ideas.

Natural creams and lotions

Eat your cream – these are workshops designed for people who make conscious choices and for all those who do not yet realize how important the impact of what we put on and rub into our skin is.

In times when preservatives, chemical additives and other “miracles” are found in practically everything, you can write for hours about the advantages of self-made cosmetics. Natural extracts from plants and herbs always have a beneficial effect and their skillful use can work wonders for our skin! Our grandmothers knew this and took literally handfuls of nature.

We use only natural ingredients and additives to compose recipes, including: nutritional butters and oils, plant waxes and essential oils 100%. During the workshops, participants use ready-made recipes or together we create unique products tailored to individual needs.

Glycerin soaps

Make your own 100% ecological soaps! Can there be anything more relaxing and positively recharging our batteries than creating our own cosmetics, unique and just for us? Cosmetics with natural ingredients, without chemicals, preservatives and artificial additives? If you love such cosmetic wonders as much as we do, our workshops are just for you!

All soaps are made from vegetable glycerin. They can be colorful, transparent or opaque (milky and pastel).
We create all of them with additions of oils, herbs, petals and other wonders. The various shapes of the molds we use provide endless possibilities for creating patterns, colors and shapes of ready-made cosmetics. We use essential and sometimes fragrance oils to flavor soaps, and special cosmetic dyes to color them. We pack ready-made cosmetics so that they can become a gift for a loved one.
To create soaps, we use a glycerin base that does not contain SLS/SLES (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) detergents. Thanks to this, our soaps are safe because they do not irritate the skin, do not dry it out or cause allergies. We only use certified natural cosmetic products and recipes that we have proven.

Soy candles

Soy candles are wonderful! Safe for us and the environment because they provide a clean interior atmosphere. They do not smoke when burning, and they emit many times less carbon dioxide than classic candles. When burning soy candles, up to 90% less soot is produced than in the case of candles made of paraffin. Soy candles are also much more efficient than conventional candles. The burning time is half as long as the burning time of a paraffin candle with the same size and wick dimension. If soy wax stains clothes or tablecloths, the stain can be easily washed off with soap and water.

You will learn about the types of scented candles and the differences between paraffin wax and natural waxes. You will also learn the process of making soy candles from the inside out and learn what materials to use when working. You will discover the world of scents and dyes for candles, and learn how essential oils differ from fragrance oils. You will create two personalized soy candles with the scent of your choice under the supervision of an instructor.

Pyrography – painting in wood

Burning into wood – “Painting with Fire”. These are workshops on burning patterns and inscriptions into wood. Out of love for wood, its timelessness and wonderful, soothing properties, an original and one-of-a-kind workshop program was created for all those who value original and ecological home/office decorations. Wood burning is an incredibly effective activity! This skill is professionally called pyrography.

During our workshops, each participant will learn how to burn patterns and inscriptions in wood using a pyrography. Pyrography is not difficult. All you need is a bit of manual skills, imagination, wood and a pyrograph to create a wonderful decoration yourself. Attention! The workshops are very engaging and bring a lot of joy and satisfaction from creating!

Mini forests in jars

Contact with nature is important in many respects. Observing nature calms you down and provides you with a break from the hustle and bustle of the city. Since not everyone can afford a daily walk in the forest and the lack of greenery may bother us, we have prepared unique workshops thanks to which participants will invite real forest plants to their home – all you need to do is make space for a large jar.

“Forest in a jar” is a class during which we will teach participants how to create their own small ecosystem. Once placed in the container, the vegetation does not need any further care – the closed circuit ensures that the small forest has the right amount of moisture to survive. During the workshops, we will present the individual stages of working on a forest jar and provide a lot of useful information about ecology. Creating a miniature forest not only expands knowledge about forest flora – it is also a great opportunity to develop manual skills.

Go online?

Yes, of course! We live in a dream world with access to incredible teachers and the ability to gain knowledge and build skills beyond our wildest dreams. Time and distance, are no longer barriers to learning.

Don’t worry about the necessary equipment. To get started, you don’t need too many things and you can find most of them in your home. Before the classes, I provide all information about the equipment and materials that need to be prepared.

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